Monday, April 28, 2008



After hours of playing with my new pups, it was time for them to take a nap and time for mommy to bake for her blog! This week is going to be a crazy week--my hands will be full with the dogs and I'm hosting a cinco de mayo party (recipes and pictures to follow), so I figured yesterday might be my only opportunity to bake.  I was fishing through one of my favorite sites, bake or break, and Jennifer's most recent entry featured these cookie dough cheesecake squares. I was so drawn in with her pictures that I found myself walking to the kitchen like a zombie, taking out ingredients left and right, all before I was even done reading the entry. 
The title of this recipe pretty much explains it all. Graham cracker crust, cheesecake layer, followed by dollops of chocolate chip cookie dough. My favorite part of this recipe is the crust (photographed in detail above) which contains mini chocolate chips. I went ahead and drizzled semi-sweet chocolate on top, however, the next time I make these I'm going to leave that part out. These were sooooo sweet that they definitely didn't need the extra chocolate. These bars are diabolically sinful, end of story..

Recipe found here

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Anonymous said...

these look awesome. i think i'm going to have to try them. :)