Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My Wilton cake decorating course teacher is very adamant about practice. "Practice! Practice! Practice!" is what he repeats several times throughout the class. I got home early from work last night and decided to take him up on it.  Class #2 of cake decorating was to create a cake using a rainbow design.  Before I continue, mark my words, I will NEVER do this again. I was in the kitchen for 4 straight hours from start to finish. (Mind you, the cake only took 30 mins to make, including cook time--yes, I used a box cake for practice-in case you were wondering!). So if you ever feel compelled to make a cake using a rainbow design, make sure you allocate enough time. Please note: I didn't even have enough time to take a picture of the cake before it was attacked because everyone at work pounced on it the moment I stepped in this morning.

I made a funfetti cake which was super easy.  As the cake was cooling I prepared all of my pastry bags with the appropriate tips.  Using the skills I picked up in class on Sunday, I carefully traced a design of a rainbow using piping gel onto a piece of parchment paper.  Once completed, I put the piping gel design face down onto the cake, then ripped the parchment paper off like a band-aid..and wallah! I then piped the actual rainbow using a star tip and created zig-zag like clouds on the ends. I topped it off with a smidgen of blue decorating sugar crystals.

I was so sick of using CRISCO as the main ingredient for my frosting, so instead, I used Mangolia's Vanilla Butter Cream recipe.  It was sooooo tasty and delicious despite the 2 sticks of butter required. It tasted EXACTLY like the frosting from Magnolia's Bakery in NYC, which are to die for--literally.  I'm quite pleased with the way my rainbow came out.  Your thoughts?
I'm looking forward to class #3...

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