Monday, April 14, 2008



My local Michael's store offers 3 levels of cake decorating courses. I thought it would be fun to embark on a little adventure and tackle the art of cake decorating. My first course was last week and the teacher assigned homework. Our homework was to bake and frost a character cake. I chose to do a butterfly. The classes are sponsored by Wilton
thus being required to purchase EVERYTHING Wilton-related. One word--CRISCO. The standard Wilton Buttercream icing is made with 1 cup of Crisco. Honestly, must we use Crisco this day in age?? Is that really necessary??  I actually gagged a total of 3 times while making the buttercream.  However, being the straight A student that I am, I chose to follow the directions and not use my own buttercream recipe. 
I think my first cake came out decent. I brought it home and my entire family took forks to it; loving every bite. As for the CRISCO, I'll keep that one to one has to know.

Next week we are learning how to make clowns and roses. Stand by...

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