Monday, April 28, 2008


I want to welcome my two new additions; Boomer & Bentley-9 week old brothers. Unfortunately, I tragically lost my 2 year old, Shea, about a month ago when he ate a foreign object in the backyard which ultimately caused an obstruction leading to his death. I have been a mess over it since I lost him and decided to call the same breeder where I got Shea to see if she had anything available. Barbara Clardy, of Barleycroft Kennels is by far the most fabulous breeder I have dealt with.  I currently have 3 mini Schnauzers and the 2 Goldendoodles, shown above, and in the past, I've had several poodles and Shar-Pei's.  With that being said, Barbara is so fantastic. From the moment her puppies are born, she holds them close to her and coddles them resulting in their overwhelming desire to constantly want to be close to their owners. They are like little babies..I'm so in love. In addition, her facility is so clean and her puppies are absolutely beautiful!! I would recommend Barbara to ANYONE who is looking for a dog with an amazing disposition, intelligence, and non-shedding! Boomer is the blond and Bentley is the black. Enjoy the pictures!


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