Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I received my much anticipated delivery of King Arthur Flour products yesterday. Included were 2 different sizes of square spring form pans. I have a gazillion sizes of round spring forms, but no square. I was so anxious to use them, thus resulting in the esteemed Tuxedo cake above. I kind of just went with this theme as I baked it. I knew I wanted to use the two sizes of square pans as a layer cake but I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to decorate it until it came down to it; game time decision. Both pans were filled with one of my favorite yellow cake batters found here. I had a lot of leftover chocolate and vanilla buttercream from my cake decorating course and decided to use that, instead of whipping up a new batch--which, quite frankly, gets extremely tedious and only adds on to the already huge mess I always tend to create. I used different variations of the star tip for decorating as well as white nonpareils that I purchased at, where else?-Michaels. I like the way this cake came out! If I hadn't baked it on such a whim I would have actually planned out more elaborate decorations, icing colors, etc. This would be a cute cake to take to a dinner party or something of that nature. Enjoy!


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