Monday, April 14, 2008



I've been baking a lot of cookies lately and thought I'd change it up a bit this weekend. I had plans to head home to my parents house on Sunday for brunch and wanted to bring something that would appease my father's taste buds. My father is a very unusual character when it comes to desserts and sweets. More often than not, he will eat dessert before he eats his main course. The man LOVES his chocolate--what can I say.  Apparently the "love for chocolate and sweets" gene was passed on to me, however, his fast metabolism wasn't. Thanks Dad--I really appreciate it.  

I wanted to make some sort of loaf/cake that didn't involve the addition of icing or chocolate and something suitable for brunch. Smitten Kitchen,  another one of my favorites, was showing, what she called, a Lemon Yogurt Anything Cake. This recipe is originally adapted from Ina Garten and the moment I saw it involved lemons, I was interested. This was the most moist (hi Chris!) cake I've ever made and the combination of blueberries and lemons are so perfect for this cake. I'm always first to use sour cream with these type of cakes but the yogurt was just as, if not more, delicious. Deb, of Smitten Kitchen, suggests a variety of different ways to make this cake. You can check out the recipe here. Enjoy!

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