Monday, December 8, 2008


I'll make this quick. Nick of Living The Life chose this recipe and my dad really thanks you, Nick. No, really, he personally wanted to thank you because linzers are his favorite kind of cookie! I was away for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm finally caught up with my sugar cookies ready for posting tomorrow. These linzers were deeeeelicious. They were crispy and crunchy with the slightest hint of cloves sandwiched between sweet raspberry jam. I used walnuts as my nut-base however, next time I'm going to grind up hazelnuts and spread some Nutella in between. These cookies were pretty easy to make and I plan on making more for the holidays. You can find the recipe here.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful cookies!

Anonymous said...

I went with the walnut and raspberry combo too. They were a super hit. I am really tempted to do the hazelnut/nutella combo too.

I love your first pic of the linzer sables.