Thursday, July 24, 2008


Before I get to the Tag (a.k.a meme) please let me take this opportunity to show my love for the NY Mets. Today they have sole ownership of 1st place!!!!  Wooooooooo!! OK, moving on...

Alwayz Bakin' and Baking With The Boys both tagged me for meme's! For what a meme is and the rules that go along with it, check out my last meme post here.

I looked at each meme's questions and decided to go with Alwayz Bakin's meme! OK, off to questions..

1. Last movie I saw in a movie theater?
Baby Mama with Tina Fey in APRIL! That's embarrassing coming from a movie buff..

2. What book are you reading?
I'll just stick to the fiction side of this question being that I'm reading several cook books simultaneously! "Babyville" by Jane Green.

3. Favorite Board Game?
SORRY, hands down.

4. Favorite Magazine, People or US?
Is it safe to say this meme is pretty much directed at women? No Maxim option? I would have to go with US. 

5. Favorite Smells?
I love the smells of Fall. Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc.

6. Favorite Sounds?
This has to be at Shea stadium with a packed crowd, bases loaded in the 9th for a walk off win! The place goes CRAZY.

7. Worst Feeling in the world?
Since I don't have children (yet) and my dogs take the place of children, I would have to say the worst feeling is when I leave them alone and I hear them crying and whimpering from outside the door. My heart melts...

8. First thing you think of when you wake?
If I'm being honest, my exact words every morning are: "I hope my puppies held it in..." HaHa. They are only babies!!! 

9. Favorite Food Place?
Hmmm...I live in Manhattan and I have soooooo many favorites! I'll keep it simple and go with the diner on my corner...I literally eat there Monday-Friday of every week. Yup, I love that place.
*************Um, I just realized that this meme is 29 questions long! I'm going to just pick 5 of my favorites from the remaining list!*************
10.Do you drive fast?
To put it simply, I don't drive without my radar detector.

11. Favorite Sport to watch?
That's a toss-up between football, baseball, and soccer. 

12. Morning person or night owl?
100% night owl. My father doesn't call me "vicious" in the morning for nothin...

13. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Haagen-Dazs COFFEE!

14. Favorite Drink?
Birch Beer

15. Favorite place to relax?
Under the sun in Florida. Definitely Florida.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

I love your blog. Are those all your doggies? They are soooo precious. I, too, have a dog who I love very much. She is like one of my kids. Thanks for doing the tag. I have a question. I see you're a member of Daring Bakers. I was interested in joining but I don't understand how it works. What is a challenge? Who challenges? Where do you challenge? What the heck do I do? I would appreciate any info.

Thanks so much.


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll do this soon. :)

kimberly salem said...

Thanks Melissa! This looks fun, I should have it posted soon!