Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Please forgive me. I haven't participated in the Tuesday's With Dorie entry's in two weeks! I've been so busy and totally baked out between BBQ's, birthday's and what have you. I'm leaving for California on Friday and won't be back until mid next week. However, I'm going to do my best to make next week's recipe, Black and White Banana Loaf, chosen by Ashlee of A Year In The Kitchen. I'm going to visit my brother who has informed me that his kitchen doesn't work. Um, what does that even mean? How do you not have a functioning kitchen? I will have to make do because I've been dying to make this banana loaf so stay tuned!

Check out TWD for all the entry's from this week!

P.S. Please disregard Marley's haircut--he's the little one in front who looks like the Taco Bell dog. I had no choice but to shave him because he was all matted and I'm so NOT OK with his new do...eeeek!


Pamela said...

Cute dogs! Have fun in California and enjoy the banana loaf. It does sound good.

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are so precious. I was looking at the other pics of them. I just love dogs. Good luck with the banana loaf. Looking forward to seeing it.

Megan said...

Your dogs are so cute. I bet they're not spoiled one bit. ;) The banna loaf sounds good. Is that like banna nut bread? I love that espically around the holidays.