Thursday, July 10, 2008



Success!! Everyone loved the cake. I finally got to try it and it was beyond delicious. I think this was the best cake I've ever made.  I loved the combination of the sweet sugary buttercream in between the layers with the smooth silky chocolate almond Nutella SMBC around the sides and top. They complimented each other perfectly. I will most definitely make this cake again using different varieties, i.e. chocolate cake with fudge buttercream, etc.  Julia Stiles, who I absolutely love, was at the show last night. I wonder if she had any cake...
Anyway, here are some pictures from last night. I didn't have my awesome Nikon camera on me because it's to heavy to schlep around so I used my dinky little digital camera. Enjoy!
Everyone's plate looked like this within 5 mins. Except.....
this one. Why in the world would you eat the entire slice and leave out the best part?  This pained me to see! That SMBC took me 20 minutes to make! Shame on you! ha.
Star/host/writer/creator of the show loved it!! Now everyone go check out his website -

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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I'm glad everyone (except one) loved that frosting. The nutella is chocolate hazelnut (not almond) hehe :) Isn't it amazing how egg whites can totally transform a buttercream??? Your cake looks so great!