Thursday, July 3, 2008


Wow. Last night I experienced my first dose of baking frustration. I just bought the book Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivnas and tagged several recipes (OK, basically the entire book) and thought I'd make the Chocolate Hi-Hat cupcakes with an independence day theme. Well, this plan clearly isn't pictured above. After 3, yes 3, failed attempts at making the Swiss meringue- type marshmallow fluff frosting I thought I finally got it. The 4th attempt was peaking and thickening the way it was supposed to. I know this because I made this exact type of frosting last week when I made Billy Reece's vanilla cupcakes so I knew I was capable of success! The directions say to pipe the frosting on the cupcakes in a cone like shape 2 inches high. All went well with this step as I was feeling good about the outcome. I put the piped cupcakes in the fridge while I made the chocolate dip. I used semi sweet chocolate as well as red, white, and blue melting chocolate. The directions then said to hold the cupcake by the bottom and dip into the chocolate, allowing the chocolate to drip off. Here's where my night of cupcake'ing went down the drain. As I dipped each cupcake, one after another, it's as if the frosting melted right off and landed in the bowl of chocolate, creating a monster mess. It was after midnight at this point and I decided to fore go salvaging my beautifully peaked frosting and spooned large amounts of colored chocolate over the cupcakes, garnished with sprinkles, and topped off with festive toothpicks. 
I brought these into work today and everyone loved them. They tasted great despite the unexpected failed appearance. I will most definitely take another stab at these down the road, but not until I try all the other fabulous recipes that this book has to offer!

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Megan said...

Oh, I made the same cupcakes last week and they did the same thing to me!! But you are far more persistent than I am - I cursed them and gave up!