Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Cake, cake, and cake. Yes folks, it's official..I've entered my 3rd module of culinary school and it's all about cakes! I've been looking forward to this module since I first read the curriculum long before I enrolled. Is it everything I thought it would be? Absolutely. I'm so incredibly obsessed with school these days I can hardly wait to wake up at 6:38am everyday. By 8am the baking, assembly, and decoration of cake madness begins. It's fantastic!

With all this said, the next several posts over the coming weeks will be tons of cakes; so suit up, buckle in, and join me down the aisle of cake love.
The first week of class featured a lemon scented white cake which is very similar to Dorie Greenspan's perfect party cake. This wasn't a surprise to me when I found out that Dorie and Nick Malgieri, who wrote the curriculum for my baking and pastry arts program, are very dear friends. Perhaps Dorie emulated Nick's lemon scented white cake for her perfect party cake..? Nonetheless, it tasted exactly the same; delicious.
When our cakes are done baking, each student individually has to select one of several flavor/design combinations offered to us in our books. Once you choose a cake theme you stick with it through the filling, stripping (if applicable), the frostings of the outside and top, glazes, as well as a particular design. In my case, I chose the orange Grand Marnier cake which featured an orange marmalade stripping, Grand Marnier swiss meringue buttercream filling in between layers and around the cake, and then garnished with sugared almonds. I piped 12 rosettes across the top indicating 12 slices and added some criss-crossed candied orange rind.

I've learned the art of cake assembly in the first 2 weeks of 'Advanced Cakes'. My layers are all neat and even, the top and sides of the cake are perfectly flat and straight, and my slices look divine! I have many many more cakes to come so don't be a stranger!


Katiecakes said...

Such a beautiful cake!!

Katie xox

"E" Street said...

Beautiful! Very well done cake - from top to bottom! I am curious though - where in the world did you find Grand Marnier Buttercream frosting?!?!?!

Thanks for sharing - I am looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Melissa said...

"E" Street,
I used a basic swiss meringue buttercream recipe and added a few ounces of Grand Mariner to it at the end. It was DELICIOUS!

Lyns said...

This is so pretty I must try to make it

Jacque said...

Oh my, you're right! It's perfectly straight and your slices... fantastic!

Sounds delish! Good luck with your class.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cake! I love cake decorating. I wish I had the time. I bet it tastes good, too.

Laura said...

Oh, so you are going to ICE? I graduated in 2001! Nice work on the cake.

Unknown said...

Your cake looks fabulous!!! So perfect!! What school are you attending? I'm searching for culinary schools to go to, probably next year!! Would love any info you could give!