Monday, August 3, 2009


My best friend Jana turned the big 2-6 last week and I was thrilled to be making her a special birthday cake. I didn't need to ask what kind of cake she required because if a cake has frosting on it, this girl will eat it; be it chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and what have you. If Sesame Street had a frosting monster character, she would surely get top billing. "Meee...wanttt..frostinggg"
Jana is a simple girl with simple tastes so I went with my favorite vanilla cake recipe with my favorite vanilla frosting and some quintessential birthday confetti sprinkles on top. I used funky black glittery candles and dolloped a chocolate kiss-like-shape of frosting in the center.
Trying this cake would have been at the top of my priority list, however, it was guzzled down in a matter of the privacy of Jana's herself...where it belonged :)


cookies and cups said...

Awesome cake and incredible cupcakes! What a lucky girl!

Unknown said...

The cake looks fabulous!! And the cupcakes for the others too! You certainly took the party up a notch! How did you make the perfect looking swirly thing on top?