Friday, June 6, 2008



Yay! I've been tagged by Bumblebutton! Here in our cute little food blogosphere, a meme, according to the oh-so handy Wikipedia, consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. In other words, it's a really fun way to get to know all of your fellow bloggers. The rules are as follows:

Each participant answers questions about herself/himself. At the end of the post the participant tags 5 people. Their names are posted letting them know they've been tagged. They then have to read the participant's blog. The tagged lets the tagger know when she's posted her answers.

Ready. Set. Go!
What was I doing ten years ago?
10 years ago I was 15 years old and just starting high school! I was entering into a world of lipstick, high heels, and body jewelry (for the record, I never pierced anything other than my ears, but came close!). I had a mouthful of metal braces and I was a real looker (not). I specifically remember cooking and baking for my boyfriend on Valentines day that year. I believe I made a string bean casserole (a recipe off the back of a can of French's Fried Onions) , mashed potatoes, and chicken cutlets-and for dessert I baked a cheesecake and designed hearts on it using red piping gel. Yikes, that's a scary thought! What's even scarier is that I remember all that!  I definitely have pictures of that lying around somewhere and will absolutely scan those and post them. You will all get a real laugh..I'm willing to guarantee it.

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:

  • Pick up a pair of shoes I purchased last week. Pre Sales? Seriously, what's the point?! Why couldn't they just give me my shoes at the day of purchase? Oh, that's right....they want me to BUY MORE on my second trip around. Sorry, not happening.
  • Make my mother's white chocolate mousse recipe for my TWD entry for Tuesday. It's a complicated process and I figure it might take me a few times to perfect, so I'll start tonight.
  • Pick up my laundry. Or should I say, my dogs' laundry. Boomer and Bentley, pictured below, both had stomach viruses this week. Eeeek. Needless to say, it got prettttttttty messy in my apartment and I physically couldn't wash it all myself.  Living in Manhattan isn't exact an ideal place to do laundry, however, there is a dry cleaner on every corner of every street of every avenue. Holy convenient!

  • Pack for my weekend getaway. I'm going to Atlantic City for the weekend with my "special someone" and I plan on gambling my toosh off. Stay tuned for the results..
  • I take great pleasure in cleaning out my cabinets and refrigerator. Is that weird? Be that as it may, it's time to clean both as soon as possible, a.k.a. the minute I get home from work.

5 Snacks I enjoy: (this is only the tip of the iceberg my friends)

  • Animal Crackers (Stauffer's--the one's in the big plastic Bear)
  • Baked Lays w/ Trader Joe's Peach Mango Salsa
  • Chocolate covered almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, etc etc etc
  • Cap'n Crunch (without the berries)
  • Dried fruit made in the HUGE bags at Price Club (you know what I'm talking about ;)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

  • The first thing I would do is open an animal shelter; a no-kill animal shelter, that is. I would buy a house with a big barn and corral in the backyard so that I can have horses (I've been an equestrian since I'm 5.) I would most definitely open up my own bakery; I have a name and logo ready to go!  I would donate to several charities including research for cancer and animal rights. Despite not being a billionaire, I'm quite content where I'm at right now :) Ummm, my response just severely resembled that of a pageant contestant. Yikes.
Places I have lived:
  • New York City
  • Long Island, NY
  • Miami, Florida
Jobs I have had:
  • Hostess
  • Shoe salesperson
  • Dog Groomer
  • NFL Football producer (current)
  • MLB Baseball producer (current)
  • Horseback Riding instructor for handicapped children
Bloggers I have tagged:
Thanks for the opportunity Bumblebutton! Im looking forward to reading about my tagees!


Bumblebutton said...

Nice to get to know you a little better. Hope you win BIG time this weekend!

marae said...

this is so random! i never even knew i was tagged and just saw a link from your blog to mine on my live traffic feed! i was tagged by someone else so i did post about myself, hopefully you saw it. BTW i love your blog!