Thursday, April 9, 2009


I made these blondies from Dorie Greenspan's baking bible a long time ago and felt the need to make them again, despite how many of them I can put in my mouth at once. They are by far the most fantastic blondies I've ever made and are even better than some of my best brownie recipes. They contain coconut, toffee bits, and chocolate chips. I went ahead and added some Butterfinger as well, just for kicks. These blondies have a real gooey caramel-type taste from all the brown sugar. They are super soft and chewy and stay good for DAYS on end.  When I cut these up I sliced off the 4 edges and froze them. That, my friends, is what I call my "secret stash" that I hit up from time to time!  

You can find the recipe here. Enjoy these, I know you will :)


Cali Cakes said...

Ok, so I am making those like this week. I love that you put butterfinger in them

Megan said...

I was just thinking about making blondies to take to the vets office - the pups are being boarded this week - and this recipe gets such rave reviews, I'll have to try them!

Tammy Lessick said...

That looks so good. There goes my wasteline.

Jacque said...

Oh my, those look wonderful!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

I've not had blondies with coconut in them sounds good. I've made a butterfinger blondie before that was totally yummy so I know you're spot on with adding it in.

Btw, thanks for the secret stash tip! :)