Friday, April 24, 2009


Ahhhhh, I've been doing SO MUCH baking this's serious insanity! Evidence can be seen below this post with brownies, bread pudding, cupcakes, and what have you. Last night I made my TWD recipe due Tuesday; chocolate hazelnut cream tart (whoa, amazing!-will blog about that next week) and between the tarts, cupcakes, and brownies this week I had tons of egg whites left over. I'm going away next week and I didn't want to put all those whites to waste so while the tart was cooling, I thought it would be fun to whip up angel food cake.

I whipped up this recipe from Epicurious in no time and baked these little guys in mini cupcake tins. I figured they would bake as robust as the mini tins allowed but, to my surprise, angel food cake doesn't really rise that much. It's more of a gummy yet light cake. So, here I was with 4 dozen of the littlest, miniest, cutest angel bites that were fat free (pre frosting)! You can pop these suckers in your mouth like popcorn. I spread little dollops of vanilla (canned-so shoot me!) frosting with some white nonpareils. Wallah, angel food cake bites. Enjoy these for a fun, remotely guilt free treat!


TeaLady said...

Wow, how do you manage to bake so much?? I wish I had the time - and a very high metabolism.

Monica H said...

These look like the perfect bites.

Did you know your Sammoas cupcakes were featured on Cupcakes Trake The Cake?


Isaac said...

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