Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mandel Bread

The almond biscotti that I made last week bestowed a huge guilt trip upon me. How could I spend so much time on Dorie's biscotti and not dedicate any time to my grandmother's (originally great grandmothers) mandel bread? As I fished through my parents freezer I noticed, for the first time in a very very long time, the lack of mandel bread present. I moved around the tightly packed freezer assuming it was hiding, only to find an empty, I repeat, empty tub of mandel bread.  Who in their right mind would leave just the crumbs? Why was I not notified of this lack of sweetness currently residing in my home? 

You see, mandel bread is, and always will be, a staple in my household. No matter what time of the year, 3-4-5 tubs of mandel bread are always readily available in our downstairs freezer.  The purchasing of this extra freezer was mainly in part to store mandel bread and keep it fresh all year long.  While I stood in astonishment with no mandel to nibble, I decided I would replenish the house with it's most savory generational staple.  So, after several hours of twice-baking, cooling, and cutting-mandel bread finally emerged in the downstairs freezer, where it should be.

I can't post this recipe, as mentioned in an earlier post,  because I will be left for dead somewhere with my grandmother as the prime culprit. This is our family's most treasured recipe! Enjoy the pictures..

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Megan said...

You stinker - no recipe?!?!? Grrrr. My husbands grandmother used to make mandel bread. And biscotti just aren't the same thing.