Monday, October 13, 2008

Oreo Cream Brownies

OK, so.....for a while now I've been envisioning an Oreo type cookie only in brownie form.  Aesthetically these didn't come out exactly how I imagined but I plan to make them again and perfect them. However, the taste was dead-on!  I used this brownie recipe which was super easy and quick and baked them in an 11X15 cookie/jelly roll sheet to produce one huge thin brownie.  I then cut them in half and spread oreo cream (a.k.a. lard--OK, that's gross, I agree) and then sandwiched them together. I spread milk chocolate ganache across the top and sprinkled with coarsely cut Oreos.  I absolutely love this brownie recipe and plan to use it when making other brownie-type sandwiches. I was thinking chocolate covered pretzel brownies with peanut butter cream in the middle. Mmmmm...

Anyway, make these..they are easy, fun, and delicious.

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