Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OK, I'm spiraling out of control with all of these online interactive baking clubs. I have officially joined another one, called Daring Bakers, in addition to Tuesday's With Dorie. They are just so much fun and really encourage/challenge/give me the opportunity to bake recipes I'd never normally make. Lots of these recipes I never even knew existed! Each recipe I make bestows more confidence, leaving me with this overwhelming anticipatory feeling leading up to each new recipe reveal.  Daring Baker's is different from Tuesday's With Dorie in that a recipe is revealed at the end of each month and you have 1 whole month to complete it. All the Daring Baker members post on the same date at the end of the month. I love being able to compare and contrast various creativity levels with the others. The recipes are all pretty challenging or, ah-hem, daring. Sooooo, I joined this group in the beginning of May and was unable to complete this month's challenge because I just ran out of time. The challenge was to make an Opera cake which is a 7 layer cake consisting of jaconde, buttercream, ganache, and glaze or mousse. Nothin' like leaving everything until the last minute, eh? This challenge is extremely involved and due to the lack of time, I fell short of this month's challenge. However, I decided to make April's challenge (Cheesecake Pops) to make up for my Opera cake absence; post to follow! Click here to see all the other fabulous Daring Baker's Opera cakes and past challenges!


Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

The other diffence between the 2 is that the Daring Baker's recipe needs to be folowed to the letter. Tuesday 's you can play with.

This group really pushes what you can cook.

Christine said...

I am in both groups 2! I have to say this weekend was so crazy getting ready for both TWD and DB. With TWD I burnt my foot and DB I burnt the cake! See you next week!