Monday, May 5, 2008


Aren't these just so cute? I love everything and anything miniaturized. Mini chips. Mini muffins. Mini bagels. Mini quiches. Mini tarts. Mini Schnauzers. OK, you get the point. Perhaps because I'm so mini (all of 4'11) I appreciate mini edibles. Even my best friend calls me mini.  

Since I didn't make anything corn related for my Cinco de Mayo party, I decided to implement some mini cornbread muffins to the menu. I originally planned to make a corn salsa-type side dish but that fell through so these were the perfect solution.  I personally love sweet, moist, cake-like cornbread so I resorted to the ever so handy allrecipes website and found a recipe, based on the rave reviews, found here. Before scooping the batter into my mini muffin pan, I let the mixed batter sit for about 3-4 minutes, then remixed and put in the pans. This technique allows for maximum crowning on the muffins. These are bite sized delectables and make for a great cute little side dish, enjoy!

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Elizabeth said...

Amen! Good cornbread is wonderful, and things in miniature are automatically cuter! I'm a huge fan of tiny things too!