Monday, May 5, 2008


Holy Shnikes! Alert the media. I'm so over Mascarpone cheese. I'm so very done with it. Kaput. Finito. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something so off about this cheese. It's similar looking to cream cheese but I find it to be completely tasteless. Perhaps it was the brand of Mascarpone that I bought, but I'm just really not a fan.  I'm having a big Cinco de Mayo party tonight at my apartment, (pictures/recipes to follow) and I spent the entire weekend cooking and baking. I noticed that I had Mascarpone cheese in the fridge that was going to expire soon so I thought I would make something different and bake Mascarpone Brownies (pictured above). Instead of using a typical brownie pan, (which the recipe called for) I decided to get creative and bake it in a 9 inch glass pie plate adding my own chocolate graham cracker crust to the recipe and topping it off with chocolate ganache. Seemed like a pretty good idea, don't ya think? Graham cracker crust, brownie middle, topped off with smooth chocolate ganache--what could possibly go wrong!? 
Anyway, I realized I used my only glass pie plate for the brownies and desperately needed it to make my Mexican 7 layer dip. I decided to take the brownies out of the pie plate, slice them up pretty, and serve them that way. THANK GOD I decided to do this before my guests arrived. The brownies were completely stuck to the pie plate and they were so dense and heavy, my metal knife actually bent while trying to lift them out of the pan! I even tried a little piece thinking that I would do my very best to salvage these treats, but they were horrible tasting and garbage-bound. I thought I'd share my one of many failures with you folks...

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