Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dear classic NY crumb cake,
Where have you gone? Why have you chosen to leave me? Why are you no longer a staple in the local bakeries? Write back soon. Love, Melissa.
I am baffled as to why the classic NY crumb cake (a.k.a. "cawfee cake") has been eliminated in the bakery world. Why?  This deliciously moist sour cream cake with a cinnamon swirl and heavy-duty crumb topping just might be my number 1 guilty pleasure.
When I graduated college I went on this crazy crumb cake obsession.  I would bake a new crumb cake everyday for weeks at a time and critique each recipe appropriately.  While I was trying to come up with the perfect NY crumb cake recipe, my mother interfered and offered me her staple, secret crumb cake recipe.  Why had she taken so long to give it up? I was agonizing over the perfect crumb cake for years! I quickly baked her recipe and was finally at peace. 
The.Most.Amazing.Crumb.Cake. End scene.
Mind you, this was several years ago and as my baking skills grew to new levels, I neglected this fantastic crumb cake---until last night. Oh yes, my most glorified crumb cake had officially entered the building. It was even better than I had remembered with a touch of cinnamon flavor and ample amounts of crumb topping. Oh my dear readers, how I wish I could reveal such a recipe to you but I just can't.  Think about all the calories I'm sparing you :)

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