Thursday, April 22, 2010


I received my monthly King Arthur Flour catalogue yesterday; and while flipping through the pages of countless fun baking gadgets, I stumbled upon this recipe for double dark mocha drop cookies.  Sounded delicious enough and off to the kitchen I went! I've been baking cupcakes the last couple days and felt a truly good cookie recipe was long overdue.
According to the picture of these cookies in the catalogue, they spread when baked. However, my cookies, as you can see, did not. They maintained pretty much the exact shape as they were before baked.  I traced back my steps and didn't make any mistakes so perhaps my oven wasn't calibrated properly. However, when I bit into these chocolate round blobs, they tasted delicious.  This cookie has a real brownie like texture and the center is dense and fudgy from all the semi sweet and white chocolate chips.  These are a winner and I'll most definitely make them again--flattened or not ;)

Click here for recipe.

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