Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok, I swear this is my last post on tarts/tortes. My culinary curriculum has officially moved on from tarts and is now entering the world of puff pastry! I'm so excited!

My father loves linzer tarts. Linzers were the first cookie I ever consumed at the very wee age of 3 months! I obviously don't remember this experience but it has been confirmed by my mother and makes a whole lot of sense since linzers are my absolute favorite cookie ever! You could imagine my excitement when my chef told us we were going to make them. However, there is a distinct difference between linzer cookies (like the ones you buy in the bakery with the powdered sugar) and linzer tortes, which are baked in a round cake pan, smothered in jelly, and latticed on top. Regardless, the linzer tortes we made in class were spectacular! Unfortunately my father never got the opportunity to try them...they never made it home!

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Snooky doodle said...

what a nice torte. I love Linzer :)