Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Truffles come to mind when I think about Valentine's Day. I think about all the pretty boxes of chocolates out there from Godiva, Hallmark, Russel Stover, et al. I enjoy eating them even more! Anyyyyyyyyyyyyway, day 2 of V-Day treats were these cake ball truffles. While shaving off the tops of the layers from this cake, I saved it, crumbled them up and then mixed in this cream cheese frosting.

I used small heart cookie cutters to make the heart shapes, froze them for a bit, dipped them in milk chocolate, drizzled white icing and placed a small little candy heart on top. I put all of these in a Valentine decorated tin with a bow and served them at work. They were a HUGE hit. These are such a great way to show your loved ones how sweet they are!


Megan said...

I have been struggling to dip cake balls all day - the chocolate sets so fast, yet leaves these big "footprints" when I set them down. Yours look so perfect - any tips? Please send them my way!

I'm trying to make little truffles for my 9 year old to give to his girlfriend for Valentines Day - it'll be too cute!

Cali Cakes said...

I have wanted to make these...I'm just not too good with chocolate. ): Maybe someday I will try them...they are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These look so pretty!