Monday, February 23, 2009


In addition to the cupcakes below I made a birthday cookie cake for the boys. I used this very basic cookie dough recipe, flattened it on a round pizza pan, baked it, cooled it, and lastly, decorated it. This was SO GOOD. The cookie was super soft and chewy with chunks of milk chocolate chips. This was probably the biggest hit of the night and it was so easy to make. I used canned chocolate and vanilla frosting (the nerve!) for the border piping and decorations. I'm trying to work on my handwriting so I used a plain round tip for the happy birthday slogan. How'd I do?

If you need something quick, fun to make, and very tasty then go with this cookie cake. You can change it up and add peanut butter, nuts, raisins, oats, etc. I will definitely be making this again in the near future!


Megan said...

I love the idea of a giant cookie "cake". I'd like to try that sometime.

BTW - your writing is great.

Rachelle S said...

Your writing is gorgeous!! It made me stop in to tell you so =)
I used to work in a bakery, and great cake writing always reminds me of the lady I worked with. Beautiful job!