Monday, February 9, 2009


Rad. Remember the word rad? It was big time back in the late 80's and it was surfer/west coast lingo for "cool" or, according to the dictionary is slang for wonderful. While the word rad is completely outdated it totally applies to this cake. This. Cake. Is. Rad. I'm in love with the color schemes! Didn't you hear..? Brown, pastel blue and purple are the new "it" colors. OK, I completely made that up but they really should be because they look so darn rad together. If you haven't already noticed, I'm quite into this cake...And the taste...oh, the taste. Fluffy white cake engorged in homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. What's better?

I made this cake for a 65Th birthday this past weekend. I tripled this recipe using a 10-inch square spring form pan to create 3 layers. This recipe set up just like boxed cake mix, only you actually make the "cake mix". I made a few extra "cake mixes" to keep on hand when I'm in a rush. They are really great to have in your kitchen. Just add the wet ingredients and you're done. I used this vanilla buttercream recipe to decorate. This cake was fantastic! I even had some batter left over and made 1/2 dozen cutie cupcakes.

Say it with me folks, rad.

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Anonymous said...

Your cake does look rad! Great job.