Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "U" Cake

I am a HUGE college football fanatic and alumnus at the University of Miami. Football fanatic+ UMiami alum= lunatic fan! It is exactly 1 day until the UMiami football season kicks off and I wanted to start it off with a bang! With that said, I had to bake something UMiami related, obviously . Since fondant has been my new flavor of the month (no pun intended) I envisioned making a fondant covered cake in University of Miami colors as well as the "U" logo. So that's exactly what I did after work yesterday. I am not particularly proud of this cake as I was semi-rushing to get it done so that I could go for a much needed run, however, real team spirit was put into it! Next up...a Super Bowl Champions NY Giants cake!! Woo hoo!

Enjoy and GO CANES!


Stephanie said...

That cake is AWESOME! I'm also a UM alum :)

The Food Librarian said...

You should be VERY proud of this cake! It gives me ideas for the start of UCLA Football season! Your cake is great!