Monday, August 25, 2008

Cookie Sandwiches

I needed a quick fix so I took mini chocolate chip cookies, sandwiched them between Billy's Vanilla buttercream and gently rolled them in colored sprinkles. The catch: I used Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies making this a no bake easy-as-pie recipe that comes together in a matter of minutes (as long as your butter is at room temperature!). If you need something quick, easy, and  tasty that requires no oven, make these. You can get creative and try other Famous Amos products and pair them with a variety of fun fillings. They just came out with peanut butter cookies which would be so delish with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting rolled in salty chopped peanuts! I think I just solved my dessert problem for tonight...

1 Box Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies
Billy's Vanilla Buttercream (or, if you really want to make this super quick you can just use canned frosting)
Colored Sprinkles (or any kind of mix in)

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