Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi old friends! Please visit my new business website at and place your orders today!! We have 24 unique mini cupcake flavors as well as delicious cookies to choose from! Delivery in NYC available.




Tiffany said...

Your cupcakes look amazing! I wish I lived in NYC so I could try them out. Good luck with your new business.

Anonymous said...

WOW! They look sooooo good and taste AMAZINGGGG!!!!! Congrats on your new business!!! Best of luck to you!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO PLACE AN ORDER AT WWW.BALABOOSTASBAKERY.COM

Kelsey Ann said...

omg is that one with peanut butter cups!?!? wow YUM YUM YUM!!! my eye gravitated to the cute one with a cinnamon heart first, guess its ironic cuz all of them are baked with 'love' hehe :P