Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ain't that a mouthful? Oatmeal raisin cookie crusted vanilla bean blueberry cheesecake crumb bars. Whoa. And that was the exact reaction they received, whoa. I went ahead and made this recipe up, from scratch, consisting of all my most favorite flavors and combining them into one crunchy, creamy, sweet, fruity taste all in one bar. Lets review:

Favorite Cookie? Oatmeal Raisin. Check.

Favorite Cold Dessert? Cheesecake. Check.

Favorite Fruit? Blueberries. Check.

Favorite flavoring? Vanilla Bean. Check.

Favorite topping of all time? Crumble. Check.
Get my point? These were the quintessential most sinful dessert on this planet. Just blogging about them is causing drool on the keyboard. I brought these to a BBQ I attended last weekend where the host requested several desserts, including cheesecake. I wanted something fairly simple that didn't make a mess and something that had less of a chance of getting ruined while transporting. I cut them into perfect 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 squares after trimming down all 4 sides. Because I couldn't bear to throw any part of this cheesecake bliss out, I brought the trimmings across the hall to my neighbors, who, renamed these guys "blueberry magic". Magical would be an understatement.

Unfortunately, I cannot give this recipe out because I truly believe it could be a staple dessert for my business! However, use your imagination and I'm sure you can simulate you're own kind of unique magic. :)


Mme said...

Holy smokes that looks awesome! Hurry up and open that bakery.

slush said...

whoa. i think im in love.

Unknown said...

These look soo good!! I wish I had one right now! Unfortunately, I won't ever be able to try this :( :(

Could you please post the recipe for the blueberry part atleast?? I can figure out the rest! I really want this, and being all the way in India, I have no hope of ever tasting it unless I re-create it!!

Melissa said...

Make it easy on yourself and go buy canned blueberry filling and spread it on top. It's DELICIOUS!

"E" Street said...

YUM - enough said!

If this is what you will offer when you start your business - it seems like your success is assured!

Unknown said...

ummmm....please make this for our car ride!!!! love u soooo much!!!