Friday, November 14, 2008


I referenced the book "Baked" a few posts ago and I wasn't kidding about testing out each and every recipe that this book has to offer.  Whoopie pies have been on my list of recipes to make and my new not-too-shabby book had, what seemed like, a fantastic pumpkin whoopie pie recipe that I just had  to try.  These were SO GOOD.  The pumpkin cookie part was soft and not overly sweet at all while still retaining a rich pumpkin taste. The cream cheese filling was sweet, silky, smooth and the epitome of all cream cheese frosting's.  These whoopie's have officially made their way onto this year's Thanksgiving dessert list.  Congrats to them.

This recipe yielded 12 pies, however for whatever reason I had some left over batter and decided to experiment with it. 
I added mini chocolate chips and chopped pecans to the batter and lined 1 regular sized cupcake pan with pretty fall themed liners; filling each with about 1/4 cup of whoopie pie batter. Before baking them, I sprinkled some leftover gingersnap crumbs that I used as the crust for a pumpkin cheesecake I made recently (I'm just realizing now that I never posted it!).
I cooled the cuppies for about 20 minutes a dolloped a swirl cream cheese frosting atop each. My dad taste-tested both the whoopie pies and the experimental cuppies and I think he enjoyed them both equally! I didn't time how long I baked the cupcakes for but I did check them frequently.  The chocolate chips, pecans, and gingersnap crumble really gave the batter some kick..they were so delicious!

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