Monday, September 22, 2008

Wild About Brownies

"Wild about brownies" would be exactly how I'm feeling lately. Who doesn't love a super chocolaty fudgy dense brownie? I know I do! The most important brownie element that I require is density. I absolutely can't eat a cake-like brownie; that's why cake and brownies are two separate entities!  Anyway, I was going through my mother's super old cookbooks last weekend and snatched up so many great old cookbooks that aren't even printed anymore. I came across a brownie book that was loaded with, what seems to be, fantastic recipes.

 The first, and I assure you, not the last, brownie recipe that I chose from this book were called "Coffee Toffee Brownies."  However, I played around with these and added white chocolate chips as well as crushed chocolate covered espresso beans. I wasn't sure how the combination of white chocolate, chocolate espresso, and toffee bits would go over but these were absolutely fantastic! People at work were calling them "poisonously dangerous". The actual brownie was sooooo fudgy, dense and rich. As if these weren't chocolaty enough, I added milk chocolate curls to the tops, mainly because I just bought a new "chocolate curling device" that I wanted to test out! These were your quintessential brownies with a twist and I promise I will post the recipe at some point this week!

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Anonymous said...

Yum! These look so good! I love that combination of ingredients!